Curriculum vitae

Nathan Youngman
Alberta, Canada


Copia Wealth Studios

Lead Developer – Mar 2023-present

Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, GraphQL, Oban, PostgreSQL, Convox and AppSignal


Senior Developer – Feb 2016-Feb 2023
Working with distributed teams.

  • Copia Wealth Studios (Fintech) – Jan 2021-Feb 2023
    Admin portal and data ingestion team lead from May 2022.

    • Transition to a new admin portal (LiveView) and improve the underlying data model.
    • Create and utilize API clients for Morningstar ByAllAccounts (XML) and Yodlee.
    • Provide guidance to junior developers through code reviews and pairing sessions.
    • Backlog grooming, capturing issues and features and breaking down stories in Shortcut.
    • Collaborating with our subject matter expert, product design and API & ML teams.
    • Coordinating deployments with frontend teams (React, iOS).

    Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, GraphQL, Oban, PostgreSQL, Convox and AppSignal

  • Unshuffled (poker with friends) – May 2020-Jan 2021
    Elixir backend and websocket API.

  • ATB Ventures (marketing site) – Mar 2020-Jun 2020
    React, Gatsby, Strapi.

  • Arizona State University (Slack bot) – Oct 2019-Feb 2021
    Slack bot for students and success coaches. Elixir, PostgreSQL and DynamoDB.

  • AltaGas (mobile front-end) – Nov 2018-Jan 2020
    Vue.js, Apollo GraphQL and a Node.js proxy server for legacy APIs.

  • MyAlberta Digital ID (identity) – May 2018-Jun 2021
    Elixir barcode scanning service with a C NIF (Native Implemented Functions) and integration into a Vue.js frontend.

  • McGraw-Hill Education (education) – Sep 2016-Apr 2018
    Remotely embedded into a large organization, working with architects and developers to replace a monolithic application with smaller services. Developed a Gradebook service (Go, PostgreSQL) and contributed to an Assessment Authoring service (Node.js).

  • RoboClient (file management) – Mar 2016-Jul 2016
    Elixir app for iOS App Bundles (IPA) for Robots and Pencils.

  • SoundPays (e-commerce) – Feb 2016-Oct 2019
    Elixir app and API clients for Chase, Moneris, BluePay and Beanstream.

Contract work from Dec 2014-Jan 2016.

  • Apple Push Notifications client (APNS) – Dec 2015-Sep 2016
    Go, HTTP/2, open source.

  • Various experimental projects – Dec 2014-Dec 2015
    Built Go services (Apple push notifications client, streaming file uploads to S3) for use from Ruby through JSON APIs, message queues (Sidekiq) or Redis pub/sub.


Senior Software Developer – Oct 2012-Feb 2015
Jobber’s first employee.

  • Developed business management software for small businesses (calendar, invoicing).
  • Implemented several broad changes, including Puma (multi-threaded web server), upgrading to Rails 4 and reworking search and file uploads across the app.
  • As the company grew, I mentored new developers and pushed for maintainable code through code reviews and tools like Code Climate and Hound.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JQuery (Mobile), Sass, GitHub, Heroku, S3, Unicorn, Puma and Sprintly

Meazure Learning

Full Stack Ruby Software Craftsperson – Jul 2009-May 2012
Team lead from 2011.

  • Developed the Meazure Exam Platform, a ground-up replacement for ProExams.
  • Contributed to the architecture and design of item banking, exam design and delivery interfaces in collaboration with domain experts (psychometricians).
  • Responsible for developing a booking system and adding e-commerce support with Canadian sales tax calculations.
  • Collaborated through code reviews, pair programming and managing tasks for our core team and external contractors.

Ruby on Rails 2.x, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, JQuery, Git, GitHub, Airbrake, Lighthouse/FogBugz, ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server (ProExams)

Power to Change

Web Developer – May 2007-May 2009

  • Developed an application for human resources to create and manage online job application forms. Raised funds for a summer job, but it was extended to ten months.
    Ruby on Rails 1.2, MySQL, Prototype.js, Subversion and Trac
  • Launched a new website for Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian arm.
    WordPress (PHP/MySQL), JQuery, Slideshow Pro and Mercurial
  • Developed a custom database for GAiN to manage water well sponsorship data.
    Microsoft Access (VBA), Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Reporting Services

Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada

Volunteer Web Developer – Sep 2006-Nov 2006

  • After attending a summer of linguistics program at CanIL, I volunteered with Wycliffe for two months.
  • Wrote a personnel data browser for IT and a tool to format job opportunities into PDFs.

Django, Python, PostgreSQL and LDAP

Vintacom Media Group

Web Developer – Dec 2002-Sep 2005, Jan-May 2006
Team lead in 2005.

  • Worked on a network of online dating websites with over 1 million users (at its peak) and thousands of financial transactions every day.
  • Entrusted with implementing additional payment gateways, renewals and fraud prevention.
  • Took a four month sabbatical in 2005 to study at Tauernhof Bible School in Austria.

ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, CVS and Userplane

Sagebrush Corporation

Web Developer – Jun 1999-Dec 2002

  • Designed a new web site after the merger.
  • Built an online searchable catalog for Econo-Clad’s rebound books.
  • Built a portal site and an internal task management tool.
  • Transitioned from building static marketing sites to fairly sophisticated web apps.

ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, Visual Source Safe/CVS and Fireworks

Canadiana Group Inc.

Web Developer – Nov 1997-Jun 1999

  • Used Photoshop to slice and optimize graphics from our in-house designers.
  • Most web sites were static HTML, but we used some JavaScript, ColdFusion or server-side includes.

ColdFusion 3.1, Microsoft Access, JavaScript and Photoshop

Pathways Data Systems

Web Developer – Jun 1997-Nov 1997

  • My entry into web development was in 1997, working part-time on several small web sites.
  • Developed HyperProcess on the side (written in C), a static-site generator for file includes, updating image tags, etc.

HTML 3.2 and Paint Shop Pro


Nathan Youngman

Software Developer and Author